"If you want a successful project and a happy client, then you want Austin."

- Johnson, Pillar Tech Lead

Professional Projects

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Claims Processing KotlinAWSAngular
Review and approve claims, which are then dynamically assigned a price. I was the founding tech lead and was able to pick the tech stack, architecture, and build out the team
Virtual Museum UnityC#
3D photo-realistic interactive experience for our on-campus museum. Built by a team of 2 in 4.5 weeks. Awarded Outstanding Contribution Award internally and submitted for an external award as well
DCDirect Java
Monolithic app that supports Public Sector Retirement Planning
Chat Bot NodeJavaAWS
Chat bot that gives advice. Powered by AWS Lambda, Lex, Cloudformation, and Machine Learning. Built by 3 in ~2 months
Image Recognition NodeAWS
Demonstrate AI Ubiquity by recognizing associate faces; built by a team of three in three days
QR Codes NodeAngular
Forward a meeting to a unique address and receive a QR code. Anyone who scans the code is invited to the meeting

Personal Projects


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Create an RPG with intense levels of interactivity by removing the dependency on a GUI.
I love games that let you interact with the world. Quest Command is my attempt to remove the effort needed to build a gui, so I can spend more time on deep systems and interacting with the world.
How to Play
See the readme to run the game in docker or using the java jar. All commands are typed into the console.
More than a pilot
Inspired by Star Trek and FTL, I want to create a starship game that's not just focused on combat. I've likely spent over a thousand hours on different iterations of this game.
How to Play
Planet Generator: Turn off auto update on web as it can slow things down. Drag values (like seed) to change them, or double click to type/edit.
Ship Builder: Try different modes to place tiles and watch air flow, etc.
Prototype metroidvania with a focus on swinging
I really want to build a super mario world style game where the focus is on exploration, alternative exits, and swinging as a main traversal mechanic.
How to Play
Use a controller or arrow keys to move and space or A to jump. Z and X (or LB and RB) let you dash. Enter or X button let you interact. You can interact with exits. (Jump on world map to enter a level).
How many can you save before you run out of fuel?
An attempt to make a game in a single day with a friend, while he also learned both Kotlin and Korge. We struggled to understand box2d, especially given the multiple levels of porting.
How to Play
Arrow keys to move and thrust. X to toggle Flight Assist. Lateral thrust with E and Q. Supports controller.
Prototype beat maker inspired by It Takes Two
While playing It Takes Two with a friend we found a really neat beat maker tool in the game (in The Attic: Rehearsal), and I wanted to see if I could quickly replicate the basics of it.
How to Play
Each board is a different instrument. Columns affect timing, and rows affect pitch (different samples). Try to make an interesting beat!


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Alternate Actors
Placeable Statics
Boethiah for Good Guys
Namira for Good Guys
Boethiah for Good Guys
Buyable Paintings and Pictures
Placeable Statics
Achievements Unlocked Legendary Edition
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Namira for Good Guys
Clothe Dead NPCs
Painting in skyrim
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
A Friend of Time skyrim
FTL Homeworld - Savegame Manager
Iceburgs Spiderman Suit
Mines and Mills
Reusable Wallpapers and Floors
Tamriel in Minecraft
Daedric Light Armor
Daedric Light Armor
Skyrim Modesty Mod
Better Underwear