Professional Projects

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Tool that generates configurable Concourse CI/CD Pipelines and automates various CI/CD tasks
Use reflection to generate Pacts (api contracts) from an example object, instead of using the existing convoluted builder pattern
Review and approve claims, which are then dynamically assigned a price. I was the founding tech lead and was able to pick the tech stack, architecture, and build out the team
Open Source, Cloud Agnostic Data Engine
A data ingestion, discovery, and analytics platform for smart cities created by Smart Columbus as the winner of the USDOT's first-ever Smart City challenge
3D photo-realistic interactive experience for our on-campus museum. Built by a team of 2 in 4.5 weeks. Awarded Outstanding Contribution Award internally and submitted for an external award as well
Monolithic app that supports Public Sector Retirement Planning
Chat bot that gives advice. Powered by AWS Lambda, Lex, Cloudformation, and Machine Learning. Built by 3 in ~2 months
Demonstrate AI Ubiquity by recognizing associate faces; built by a team of three in three days
Forward a meeting to a unique address and receive a QR code. Anyone who scans the code is invited to the meeting