Personal Projects

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Searchable map for finding a planet with good resources. If connected to the game it tracks Quests and Misc Stats as well
A CLI based Starfield Mod Manager for Linux. Mirrors many of the features of the Vortex Mod Manager made by Nexus
Wildermyth is a procedural narrative game with characters that change over time. This site allows you to upload a save and see all your characters, their details and their relationships. By leveraging local storage and indexedDB the user only needs to upload their data once, and it persists across page refreshes.
Android App Live Wallpaper based on the art of Mark Ferrari and code of Joseph Huckaby
A collection of tools for crawling sites and doing tedious downloads. While configurable, this is mostly hard coded and uses 'strategies' I'm writing in Kotlin, as opposed to a DSL or json config files.
Stitch a bunch of small images into collages at the target size. Used to take a 300 small LOTR images and create collage wallpapers
Google Browser plugin to print issues as if they were story cards
Write version controlled stories in markdown with auto-generated reference links to topics