Unix Tools


I want to continue to grow and be more familiar with the unix / linux toolset. I think there is great value in learning the tools that exist on any linux machine, but I think it's also worth exploring new tools. Here are some of the newer tools that I'd like to use more often.

Tool Alias Purpose
bat Nicer file reading (cat)
bottom btm Graphical system usage (top)
duf Graphical DF
dust Graphical DU (disk utility, I think)
fd-find fd Fast and intuitive find
glow Markdown rendering on the terminal
httpie http Easier curl
jq Parse JSON
jc Convert many tools to JSON for easier parsing
lsd Nicer LS
mcfly Bash history; I'm having trouble to get it working on wsl
mosh Resilient SSH
navi Cheatsheet tool
procs Graphical ps alternative