Markdown with Kotlin


In an earlier blog post about building this blog, I referenced a joke about how people build their own blog frameworks only to blog about that build, and then stop blogging. In keeping with that, it seemed time to write a second small post about how I built this blog framework. In this case I threw out the original version and rebuilt it using the Simple Site app I talked about building in my no js post. It's interesting that recently I'm seeing this sort of attitude become more widespread.

The initial idea was to apply the same setup for blogging as for the site. You use an alias to run a jar that watches changes to your markdown files and then packs them up into HTML and gives you a table of contents.

I later realized that I needed to change the library in order to support tables (and have a bit more control over how I wanted to transform the markdown).

There was probably more here, but it took me so long to get around to writing this that I think I've forgotten most the details!